Monday, August 4, 2008

OBX Business

I got home from my girls weekend in North Carolina late last night and it should come as no surprise that it was a GREAT weekend! I wore my navy Lisa dress for the drive and it worked out well because I met the friends at a bar when I got to town. The Lisa dress was just sassy enough for a night out and of course comfortable for the drive. See?

I think the best part of the weekend (other than the time with the friends) is our friend hooked us up big time with a beach house - and when I say beach house I mean right on top of the beach. Just steps out the back door and we were baking in the sun. We had great weather so our days were spent soaking in the sun and recovering from the night of food and drink from the night before.

The handsome man in the sexy white under shirt (he wore it all weekend long and still maintained his sexy factor) was the one who hooked us up with the beach house. He also hooked us up with the great meal on Saturday night - that pile in the middle of the table was all his idea and his doing. He cooked up a big huge pot of (huge) shrimp, corn and red potatoes with garlic cloves. It was the best dinner and perfect for a summer evening.
I didn't get home until about 11 pm last night **YAWN** and I didn't sleep well last night but it was worth it because it was fun times at the beach with good friends!
Oh... and a successful trip to the J.Crew outlet on my way out of town!!! Photos tomorrow...

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