Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tagged x's 2

I was tagged... twice!!

First by It's a Wonderful Lie - for 7 random facts about me...

1. I'd like to get my monogram tattooed on my body somewhere... just kidding. Thought about it - I'm too much of a chicken!

2. I love the smell of candy so much I was on a quest to find perfume that smelled like sugar and I found it - it's called Pink Sugar and I bought it on I gave up wearing my Burberry Brit (what I wore for YEARS) because I got so many complements on it.

3. I must make my bed every day. When Mr. is the last to get out of bed and he doesn't make it I have to make it before getting back into it at night. I can not get into an unmade bed.

4. I am super sensitive to noise - it makes me nervous. When the kids are running around upstairs I want to crawl out of my skin even though I know they are just having fun. I can't take the noise.

5. I could go away for a week by myself on vacation and talk to no one. I would be perfectly fine with that. It's the noise thing.

6. I have super sensitive ears and nose - I can smell and hear everything. I think I am part bionic... you know like Jamie Sommers (Bionic Woman).

7. I believe I could be a great cook if I could just stop turning the stove on high to cook everything... 9 times out of 10 I burn whatever it is I am trying to cook because out of habit I turn the stove on high.

And second by WSU Laura. So here goes, 4 Things you should know about me before you invite me to your house...

1. I don't like taking off my shoes - neither does WSU Laura - my shoes are an integral part of my outfit and when they are off the outfit is incomplete. My children will happily take off their shoes though and I don't mind if you ask them to.

2. I would prefer to bring a dish so when I ask, "what can I bring?" I am not just saying it - I want to know what I can bring. If you don't tell me what I can bring then how will I know if we will end up with 2 desserts or 2 salads... or something. Please let me help.

3. I don't drink red wine - I drink white. I love red wine but I HATE that it stains my lips and teeth and it grosses me out to see people who have purple teeth and lips --- it's all I can focus on and it's distracting. White wine. I will usually bring a bottle but in the event I don't - it's what I prefer. I will drink a light beer if I must but I would rather drink water than red wine or a dark beer.

4. I love dogs but not dogs who insist on breathing their hot breath on me. If your dog does this... at least warn me... please.

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